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Dream Bigger. Achieve More. - Cameron Hanes
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Dream Bigger. Achieve More.

Running with Lance Armstrong

I am going to find Lance in Boston, run with him for a while hopefully so maybe someone could take a photo of us, I want just one, and then if I have anything left I’ll sneak over the line ahead of him.” Cam

Bursting laughter. HA HA HA HA., “Dad, you actually think you can beat Lance Armstrong? You are just a Dad, he is Lance.” Tanner & Truett (my kids)

Western States 100 Endurance Run

I am going to try and get in to the Western States 100 (100 mile endurance run in the mountains of California), and finish in under 24 hours to earn a silver belt buckle.” Cam

Cam, why do you have to go overboard on everything? Can’t you just do a regular marathon or something not so extreme? Stuff like that is too hard on your body. I don’t think it is a good idea.” Tracey (wife)

Alaska Dall Sheep Hunt

So Cam, what makes you different that everyone else who drew this tag and chances are won’t fill out? And, you are trying to do it on film!” Roy Roth, quoted in Backcountry Bowhunting Collector’s Edition regarding my Dall sheep hunt in Alaska, which has a high of 4% success and a low of 1% success, with 100 tags issued each year. Between 1997-2002 the most sheep killed were 4 and the least was 1.

Success is my only option. I am not putting any energy or thought in to not getting it done. I will get a ram. And besides, when you get down to it, successful bowhunting is BUCKING THE ODDS!” Cam

Just remember, Dream Bigger. Achieve More.