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Boone & Crockett 3x3? - Cameron Hanes
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Boone & Crockett 3×3?

Boone & Crockett 3×3?

Boone & Crockett 3x3I arrowed my biggest framed blacktail ever at 35 yards the last day of November. Of all my hunts this year, this was by far my favorite. Back to my roots!

I hunted all day in the mountains packing in miles from the road. It rained and snow pretty much all day and you could safely say, I was Very cold and miserable when I popped over a sharp ridge and spied this guy 35 yards away, straight down off the end of a cliff, at dusk. Thinking because of the steep angle, if I held for 30 I’d be right on. I bent the bow back, held my 30 on his heart, released and hit him in the spine, dropping him in his tracks. High arrow placement, but effective. He rolled down the hill almost 400 yards before finally coming to rest.

I gutted him, propped his cavity open and left my coat to hopefully ward off any trophy sabotaging bears. I had started back towards the trailhead, thankfully, when I killed him but was still close to 5 miles into the wilderness. Hiked back first thing the following morning with my oldest son, Tanner, took photos, broke him down and packed back out. That was two FULL days of maximum effort.

Love those blacktail!

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