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Late Blacktail....The Countdown Is On!!!! - Cameron Hanes
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Late Blacktail….The Countdown Is On!!!!

Late Blacktail….The Countdown Is On!!!!

We got the Big Fork back, Big-3 is looking like a border line shooter, a new buck on the scene today with an eye-guard out of his forehead has awesome main beams and is a cool buck I’d be happy to arrow…last buck in the “shooter” class is a nice 4×4…good frame, no eye-guards and smallish splits. I’d kill him and be pumped if given the chance. No bombers yet on film but I didn’t see my best buck last year until the 24th of November. There is time. On Saturday, come first light, Chad will be filming over my shoulder like last year with the High Definition camera and Tanner will be in another tree, straight above the main deer trail, hopefully filming down on the buck I shoot to get the arrow blowing through him if my debacle plan works to perfection. Those big ol’ bucks don’t do that well in the following-movie-script-department, but we will hoping and wishing with the best of them.

Here is a question for ya’ll. Do you think the Big Fork would make the Pope & Young minimum of 90″. I like his character and I gotta be honest, I have had visions of my arrow hitting the sweet spot on that big dude recently. I know, I know, a forked horn? Should I seek counseling? If I was a true trophy hunter I would get kicked out of the club by even bringing up such nonsense. Thoughts?

Keep hunting hard, Cam

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