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Backcountry Meat Care - Cameron Hanes
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Backcountry Meat Care

Backcountry Meat Care

As a backcountry hunter, I love the land, crave solitude and respect the animals that call the mountains home, both before and after the kill.

The responsible mountain hunter takes care of their harvest, ethically and efficiently. In my mind, we owe it to the animal and the honored tradition of hunting. I have packed animals out of the hills from in “deep” on my back, with my llamas, with a packstring or depending on where I am hunting, sometimes even in a boat or bush plane. Regardless of the method used to get the meat from the field to the freezer, this video illustrates the basic guidelines I use for breaking my trophy down. In regard to backcountry hunting and meat salvage, above all, know your limitations and have a plan!

For more tips, check out my book, Backcountry Bowhunting, A Guide to the Wild Side, specifically, pages 137-142, where I delve into this topic in detail.

You can achieve your dreams…keep hunting hard, Cam

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