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No Pain, No Gain - Cameron Hanes
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No Pain, No Gain

No Pain, No Gain

Hardcore training for the New York City Marathon

New York City Marathon

As a backcountry guy to the core, my modus operandi has always been to get into the best physical condition I can. In this regard, I am about to take the ultimate test. Running the New York City Marathon against, among others, famed Tour de France cyclists, Lance Armstrong, who will be running his first marathon ever in NYC on November 5th.

Did a tune up last week and ended up finishing 39th in the men’s division in Baltimore out of more than 2,000. Just got nudged out by a couple Kenyan’s ;-). Tough race competition wise as first place paid $15,000 for both men’s and women’s and they paid 100k total.

Guys who have run more marathons than me say that my 2 hour and 50 minute run (6:31 per mile x 26.2 miles) there in Baltimore will equate to about a 2:42 in NY, which if true, will put me right near the top 100 men — with 37,000 runners total I would be happy with that. Note – Baltimore is a real tough road marathon course with lots of hills. So far as the time estimates, I guess we’ll find out? I just want to beat Lance, as has been my
goal for months now. In my eyes, beating Lance would be a win for not only me, but for hunters everywhere. And old bowhunter beating the greatest endurance athlete of all time, an Olympian and my hero – can’t wait. New York is less than two weeks away and I am ready to rock. If you are around, check it out on line or on TV. If nothing else and if you have time, log in later in the day on the 5th and see if I did indeed beat Lance.

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